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Cube with hole

Is there a simple way?
on December 21st 2009


im working with RW Icon Editor and I wonder how to create a cube with a hole going from one side to the other in a simple way?

on January 6th 2010

I am afraid there is no simple way to make holes. Maybe in one of the future versions.

on February 19th 2010

By god i cant wait to you make that possible vlasta i have alot of crazy shit to make :-D

on February 24th 2010

Perhaps it could be as simply as allowing the color of an object to be set to invisible.

on February 24th 2010

That is actually an interesting idea. If you'd set the material to only use the emission component to the same color as the background later in .r3i, it would create a hole. It does not solve 100% of cases, but I bet, it can be a useful technique.

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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