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Cursor preview

No more cursor preview after assosiating the extention.
on July 26th 2010

Ther is noo more cursor preview after assosiating the extention to RW Cursor Editor, ther is just the RWCE mini icon.

It would be nice if we could keep te preview beacause it is very helpfull when browsing.

on September 17th 2010

Is it because you set an icon to .cur?

on December 2nd 2010

Maybe you've hidden the preview box?
Just search a bit, but when you can't find it, I can't help ^^ (got old version)

on December 2nd 2010

Actually, how did you do the association? If you did it from within the editor, you'll see the preview. If you did it in Windows, you won't.

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What about ICL files?
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I wish there were...