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can you open two graphics in same window?

on October 10th 2010

I like to work with graphics side by side sometimes, but I cannot find a way to have more than one graphic at a time in same instance of RWPaint. Is this possible or no?
Thanks to anyone who knows for sure

on October 10th 2010

Every image gets its own window. You can rearrange the windows on your screen. If you want them even closer, I guess you could put the second image as a second layer into the first image... (drag and drop it onto the layer list) can then turn off the "Show final image" toolbar button to see the selected layer.

on October 11th 2010

Maybe hes trying to say he wants it grouped like tabs in firefox.

on October 15th 2010

Or microsoft photo editor...

on November 30th 2010

I think he means like having a grid open.

Picture one Realworld Paint window open.
Within it are four "mini windows," each with a different image open. The Windows can be moved around within the RealWorld Paint program window, but not out of it.
You have one set of tools, not one for each window.

Perhaps this is what he means?

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