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New Software

Any Plans for new Software?
on October 15th 2010

I have got a question...

Are there any plans for new software?
For example: An editor for windows designs (.theme)

That would be great!

on October 15th 2010

Wow, never thought of that :-o

Sounds legit, might take a long time though, and it would kick WindowBlinds ass :P

on October 15th 2010

One day, there may be new software, but not in the near future. Maintaining the current tools and the web takes a lot of time.

on November 1st 2010

or vector graphic programs

on November 2nd 2010

Yes, I know, it really takes a long time. But thanks anyway.

on November 5th 2010

I would LOVE a inproved cursor editor that would be able to make cursers of any size, and have click effects. I know it would take a lot of time, soooo, don't make it freeware, make pple pay 4 it. (also, i expect makeing a windows theme editor would invole putting images ontop of the desktop, the same thing required for a unlimited sized curser).

on December 13th 2010

why don't you put an integrated contextual Help on the program itself (Real World Paint) instead of a web link to an ocean of information ?

on December 13th 2010

There is limited contextual help in form of tooltips. Offline help is inflexible and hard to manage. Online help can be updated at any time and also by the users.

on December 14th 2010

ShadowOfIntent: I think thats impossible, because windows doesn't support it. Also RealWorld Cursor Editor can allready make cursors in any sizes (1-256).

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