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on October 18th 2010


I bought the software, after I recieved the e-mail confirming that I bought it I tried to activated it but I gat an error message telling me that the information that I provided is incorrect

I inputed my name and then tried the UID number, when that did not worked I tried using the receipt number and nothing works

on October 18th 2010

Vlasta will help you when he is online, that is his business :-)

on October 18th 2010

Did you fill the 'Company'?

Did you fill in your real name or 'Rat-7'. Or the name in the email?

on October 18th 2010

It is important to enter the name with the same character case as in the email, without any additional space in front or behind it. And of course the same applies to the serial.

The easiest way for you would be to go to the Online page in the application, log-in, and click the "accept it" link near the top of the page. That will enter the serial for you.

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