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Cursor Spin?

How do I make my cursor spin?
on December 9th 2010

How do I make my cursor spin without making it like stuck?

on December 9th 2010

OK. Don't help me then.

on December 10th 2010

What do you mean?

on March 4th 2011

Well, he has the same problem I do. Whenever I change my mouse cursor, the animation will only play for about 5 seconds at max. After that, it stops, and you have to go change them again for another 5 seconds of animation.

on March 4th 2011

Maybe the cursor you are using is designed to only animate for 5 secs and then it has a pause. If it happens with other cursors as well, there may be something wrong with your computer, possible incorrect graphic drivers or something like that.

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