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saving cursor
on January 1st 2011

does anyone know how to save cursors in windows 7 cursor file..i had no problem with xp but have upgraded to 7 now my cursor file will not let me save them..i made a new file but it wont let me save the software..but i need to save..thanks ..airboat 233

on January 1st 2011

Make sure you are saving them to a folder, where you are allowed to save, like your Documents or Desktop, NOT C:\windows\cursor.

on January 3rd 2011

Hey Anonymous, having a profile really helps out with contacting you. Makes sure you got helped out and didn't "skip town" after posting your question. ;-) At least for me anyway...

Can you give more details?
-Where are you saving them to?
-Are you getting an error message?
-Is it just plain not doing anything?
-Is it freezing?
-does it seem to be saving but then they aren't there?
-Does the name you're giving your cursors have any symbols other than letters or numbers or other allowed-for-file-name characters?

Thanks, and I hope your problem is solved. :-)

on January 8th 2011

once I tried and the error message said:

 The Path C:\WINDOWS\Cursors, Can`t save here please try Another
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