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Cursor with inverted colors?

I'm trying to make my cursor have inverted colors as the background colorchanges.
on February 6th 2011

Hello, you may know me as Swaffy.

I've hit a little bump in the road with my little cursor.

I have seen quite a few cursors that invert its colors as it moves along different surfaces. So the cursor would be black on a white surface, white on a black surface, and [I think] green on a red surface.

Can I, if possible, make my cursor have this effect? It is all black with a clear inside, so that might lift a little weight off of the issue.

on February 6th 2011

Create a new cursor with other than 32bit color depth. 1bit is probably best. Select fully transparent white color - the upper right corner in the lower color area (or use color code 00FFFFFF). Draw with pencil...

on February 6th 2011

Thank you, sir. I'm new to this, so I'm glad to have some help.

on January 5th 2013

That is so cool

on March 2nd 2013

I think this image will complement what Vlasta said, because for some, it might be difficult to understand that explanation without a picture, like it was for me.

on March 22nd 2013

Great post, it is rally amazing.

on October 7th 2018

You can use my Artifact set (not the demo) to see how the inverted pixels are shown in RW. Window's only supports this in 24 bit or less color (you give up partial transparency effects to do this).

on February 11th 2019

Inverted pixels can work in 1-bit, or 4-bit if you want to include color in the cursor.

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