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What systems do you use to make cursors?

on May 18th 2011

I'm thinking Graphics Gale is one, but what other programs do you use to make the cursors?

on May 18th 2011

Also, can we also use a program other than the Real World cursor animator program? Just wondering...

on September 6th 2011

If you upload something that wasn't made in any way with RW Software we just ask you don't upload it because it would be misleading our members about what the Software is capable of performing.

on September 6th 2011

Well, you can use other programs. The gallery started as an exclusive RW showroom, but it has grown since that time and you can upload icons and cursors via a web interface (I'll have to update the text on the library pages). It is just recommended that you mention what program you have used in the description of the sets or individual icons/cursors.

on September 7th 2012

I just use RW. It's easy. Free. Yeah.

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