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Tools have quit working properly

all tools, for example the rectangle eraser,
on June 11th 2011

These tools used to swing left or right at any degree selected. Now they still move left and right but only in 90 degree increments. This includes all tools that swing. I have tryed to correct by un-installing and re-installing software, also tryed useing a new user profile in case mine was corrupt, same thing. Don't really know what else to try. Looking for any help avalible. If you need this info. I am running Windows 7 HP 64x32 service pk-one, internet explorer 8, 4 gig ram, 3.2 AMD processor speed, 500 gig hard drive with 400 gigs unused space. Thanks airboat233

on June 11th 2011

If the current coordinates mode is set to integer coordinates, the shapes can only be placed on pixel boundaries and rotated only by 90 degrees. Click on the "Arbitrary coordinates" button to get back to the original mode.

on June 13th 2011

hello Viasta-boy do i feel dumb..THANKS a bunch..airboat233

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What about ICL files?
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I wish there were...