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Gallery pages updated

on August 7th 2011

The pages with icon sets and cursor sets in the gallery were changed a bit. Now there is a bigger Download button with a link to download instructions. The list of icons or cursors in a set is not using a table anymore.

I know that the current look is not perfect, but at least the pages of individual icons and cursors are similar to the pages of the sets. There are also more related sets and they were moved to the right side of the page.

I have also changed the way the animated previews are generated. The have smaller cross-hairs, but the animated previews are now shown when searching or browsing the junkyard.

You will probably have older images in your browser cache. If anything looks weird, press F5 to refresh the page.

I hope I did not break anything, but who knows. If you find something not working, let me know.

on August 7th 2011

I actually really like it. Especially the "see also" bar on the right side, showing other sets from this user :-) thanks

on August 8th 2011

It is nice. I kinda like the old way too, but I'll adapt. I'll probably learn to like this one even better. It's growing on me already.

on August 8th 2011

Ooops, I just realized the set download links were broken after the update - so do not wonder if there were no downloads yesterday. All is (hopefully) fixed now.

on September 7th 2017

i love vlasta

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