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Copy Icon Image?

on August 12th 2011

How can I copy an Icon image in order to use it somewhere else?

on August 12th 2011

I'll need a little more info. In general, for example via clipboard.

on August 12th 2011

I created a shortcut link to my gmail using the following command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

But the icon of that link is a lower case blue "e" with a gold circle around it (usually used for IE8. It just popped up apparently as the default icon for IE stuff.

When I click "Change Icon" the choices I get don't include the gmail logo.

I want to change that icon image to the standard large red letter "M" typically used for gmail.

I'm assuming the simplest way to do that is to copy the image from the real gmail icon (which I have access to) and paste it onto my new link.

I don't have a preference about whether the clipboard is used or not.

on August 12th 2011

Ah, then you either need to download an .ico file from somewhere on the internet - google should be able to point you to the one you like (here is one without an M though) and then select it for your shortcut (BTW there is also a online tool to embed an icon into the shortcut).

Alternatively, you can download an image (.png, .jpg), possibly modify it with an image editor and turn in into an .ico file via this converter.

on August 13th 2011


You've given me exactly what I was looking for.

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