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October 2011 - month of Animation

the illusion of movement
on October 5th 2011

The release of the new RWPaint is really close now. One of its new features is animation. Why don't we all give it a try and create an animation this month. (BTW you can upload animated gif and use them in your blogs.)

At first, creating animations appears to be difficult, but it is not that hard. Animation is just a series of still pictures that change in a fast motion. If the pictures are similar to each other, the eye and the brain interpret them as animation. Let's do it!

What are you waiting for? Grab the new RealWorld Paint and show us what you can animate.

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Daniel W.
on October 13th 2011

Sweeeet. Thanks Vlasta! That's something I've wished I could do with RW Paint for quite a while.

on October 31st 2011

Me, too.

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