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Who plays Age of empires II?

Its a game.
on December 22nd 2011

Who plays Age of empires II?
Plz comment.

on January 24th 2012

I have. it's pretty fun, and a history lesson sometimes.

on January 28th 2012


on February 11th 2012

I also have it! :-)

on March 17th 2012

I do play it. The one for PC, and the one for Nintendo DS.

@Anonymous: Yes, you can learn a lot of history with them. I had no idea that Joan of Arch, Genghis Khan and others heros existence until I played it.

Although I'm not so good playing it, rewards with a constructive experience; the war is also an art. The art of strategy.

on March 31st 2012

I love play it with cheats :-D

on April 1st 2012

Torpedo 1, Torpedo 2, Torpedo 3, Torpedo 4, Torpedo 5, Torpedo 6, Torpedo 7, Torpedo 8, Aegis, Lumberjack, Rock On (I think), Robinhood (I think), Howdoyouturnthison? (I think)…

on April 1st 2012

Reveal map and other :P

on April 1st 2012

Ah, yes: Marco, Polo

on January 4th 2014

I <3 IT and design maps. Played since 2003 :P

Yeah the cheats r good...

aegis - instant create and build and mine
lumberjack - 1,000 wood
cheese steak jimmy's - 1,000 food
robin hood - 1,000 gold
rock on - 1,000 stone
torpedo # - destroy player
howdoyouturnthison - cobra car
ilovethemonkeyhead - useless villager that moves super fast
marco - reveals fog of war on the entire map
polo - replaces the fog of war with clear sight

on March 21st 2014


on August 23rd 2014

I play AOE3 sometimes but have not played AOE2.

on November 10th 2014

Hey! I have played it and it is REALLY fun. I have defeated over 50 opponent teams, and have created over 20 different worlds. I love just advancing the ages and creating castles and getting all my people to do different things.

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