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"Workshop" and "Buttons"?

im a noob, but curious..
Random Eye
on March 3rd 2012

i've yet to see anything show up on the "Workshop" section and i'm not sure what it's for. i've also heard something about buttons. what are these? and what's the workshop for? thanks

on March 16th 2012

first of all workshop is just a place where your buttons go but but when you have enough button s you can buy something click on people and click buy item with 5 buttons 25 50 11 200 and more

on September 4th 2012

===Things to know===

*All buttons are equal to one unit of currency. They are used as currency for Scunkie.
*There is a limit to the amount of buttons you can get per day. It's about 4 or 5.
*Trophies also go to your workshop.
*For more information go to your workshop and press individual items .

on March 10th 2013

The limit is 6 for rating other user's sets..

See this forum post Buttons

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