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on November 4th 2011

how do i get more buttons now my shirt has come off?

on November 7th 2011


on January 10th 2013

There is a daily limit, its about 4 or 5.

on February 12th 2013

Nah, the daily limit is 6.. keep going and you could earn a trophy for earning the maximum number of buttons in one day!

on February 13th 2013

I have the trophy, I just got it a long time ago and I forgot what the limit was

on February 20th 2013

Is there a point to these buttons?

on February 20th 2013

Yes! There is definitely a point to the button reward system!

Check out some of the neat items you can earn with the buttons on this page:


icon-image/7488-48x48x32.png image If you find that you still have no use for the buttons I will happily and enthusiastically take them off you hands and apply them to a good use. Just enclose your useless buttons in a message to me! Click my screen name to send a message and then the Attachment box at the bottom of your message window.

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on February 27th 2013

12:00 refers to midnight, when the day changes, and that would probably be in the website administrator's time zone..

You can google it or check here for current time in the Czech Republic:


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on March 14th 2013

How much we can earn?

on March 15th 2013

I don't think there is a limit.

on March 19th 2013

Vlasta has confirmed that Czech time has no bearing on the button earning. I would assume that there is a 24 hour (or so) time limit before the count starts anew.

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feels like the blind leading the blind sometimes..
I fit right in cause I'm blind in one eye and can't see out the other!

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?