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How to swap colors?

change all pixels rgb 41,41,41 to 229,90,19.
on March 16th 2012

I downloaded/installed your RWPaint.
How can i swap colors in an image?
Maybe change all pixels rgb 41,41,41 to 229,90,19.

on March 17th 2012

The easiest way would probably be via the floodfill tool with tolerance set to 0. You would have to click all regions with the 41,41,41 color. You could also use the Custom operation command in the Effect menu and place this code there:

var image = Document.RasterImage;
var sizeX = image.sizeX;
var sizeY = image.sizeY;
for (x=0; x<sizeX; x++)
	for (y=0; y<sizeY; y++)
		if (image.GetPixel(x, y, 0, 0) == 0xff292929)
			image.SetPixel(x, y, 0, 0, 0xffe55a13);

the 0xff...... are the color representation in hexadecimal code

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