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Joo Janta Trade

Joo Janta for 15 buttons!
on April 6th 2012

I trade my Joo Janta fot 15 buttons. send me a PM

on April 6th 2012

Joo Janta is too cool to be trade-able (you cannot send it to anyone).

on April 6th 2012

No? ohh ok. I don't understand it's function.

Sorry, my english is poor and is hard for me to express it :-(

on April 6th 2012

Oh, it has a function, you'll figure it out.

on April 6th 2012

it give me intrigue!! jajajaja

on April 7th 2012


on April 24th 2012

Vlasta, do the rocks, logs, and skulls have a function too?

And if I may have a hint- is the function of the Joo-Janta similar to the "real" Joo-Janta?

on April 24th 2012

The pets don't do anything useful now, they will have a function after the gallery is redesigned.

And, yes, the function of Joo Janta is in a way similar to the original function.

on December 6th 2012

The Joo Janta hides advertisements on the website, although I'm sure almost everyone knows that by now. I believe it is a parody on the one in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

on January 13th 2013
on May 6th 2013

How do you get a pet?

Ya no se pueden conseguir los pets verdad?

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