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Why no TIFF support?

on January 25th 2013

Hi everybody!

I'm a Gimp longtime user, and not likely to use RealWorld Paint for a long time, but I'm trying it to the moment.

I noticed that this (fine piece of) software works with the old Polaroid Dust and Scratch Removal Photoshop plug-in whilst it no longer works with Irfanview, Xnview, and never worked with Gimp. For this reason I appreciate the .XCF import/export feature;)

But most of my negative scans are saved as TIFF files, and I'm wondering why there is no TIFF import facility. Is there a plug-in or dll available somewhere?

As I'm not at all a typical user of this software, I don't ask for this feature, but if it already exists, I would possibly enjoy it;)


on January 25th 2013

Well, size of the installation package matters too and tiff is not a very trendy format and so it is not there by default. There is a plug-in, but I do not have a build that would work with the current version of RWPaint (the interface for plug-in was changed recently). But if you get the beta (here) of the upcoming version of RWPaint, you can get the tiff plug-in that works with it here.

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