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for king and country (cosmic journey)

deadly bro
on March 16th 2013

guys anyone have a question about cosmic journey i can help and give the answer cuz i have completed the game at last thanks to jojois and vlasta

on March 18th 2013


I am quite happy for you!

Why not give some pointers here on the individual levels and share your knowledge?

I bet you are proud of your new Cosmic Journeyman Trophy!

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deadly bro
on March 18th 2013

the first hint (stone stage)(stone storm) OK everybody the problem in the storm is that meteors shoot each and break each other so here is what you need to do,when they break each other try to go to the place that doesn't have those small meteors however it won't be a safe place for long so try to dig your way through some of the SMALL meteors not the big ones and don't stick to the edges of the map for all of the meteors come from there and by the way,you will not succed from the first try so don't get frustrated
(hint 2) the boss of stone stage, OK guys you must aim to the place that creates the miners and shoot it you will realize that there is a shield the shield stops when launching a miner,when do you know when it launches? when you see the red lights flash then is your time to shoot
(side note do NOT try to destroy the stone launcher it won't get destroyed he will be the one to destroy you so just use the stone to destroy the miners that come out and destroy the hangar

on December 17th 2016

I'm trying to beat the Space Pirates level and can't figure out how to defeat the Man of War. Any hints?

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