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RWPaint 2013.1 service pack 1

bug fixes and minor enhancements
on June 21st 2013

RealWorld Paint just got a bit better. It is recommended for all users of the 2013.1 version to get this update. It fixes various errors and there are also a couple of new features. List of changes.

If you use the portable version, just download the .zip again and overwrite the older files. Then reset configuration to get the latest user interface layout.

If you use the installer, you will need to manually uninstall the older and then install the newer version. Reset configuration afterwards.

Download from the RWPaint page.

on June 22nd 2013

so this is like a new pack? Good

on June 25th 2013

Don't forget the new quote, "become a bad-ass designer"!

on June 26th 2013

The new quote was inspired by this talk and it should constantly remind me to make more tutorials.

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