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Unicorn3D 2013.1

simple 3D editor
on September 30th 2013

Unicorn3D is now released as a standalone freeware 3D graphics editor. People, who would like to learn the basics of 3D modelling are welcome to try U3D. The application is released as a portable .zip package that only needs to be unpacked and then run. Download here.

on October 5th 2013

Oh, the greatness!

Mikey Z
on October 9th 2013

Pure awesomeness! Thank you SO MUCH!

on September 14th 2020

That's great! Very good, if you want only Unicorn3D instead of having Unicorn3D bundled with the RealWorld Icon Editor, then this is the solution to that problem.

on December 21st 2020

I really like this application. However, I would like to see the torus shape from the front view by default rather than its side.

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