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how to upload

Please help
on October 9th 2013

i need help on How to upload cursors

on November 22nd 2013

i need help to lean how to make them.(:

on November 22nd 2013

You can upload cursors from within RealWorld Cursor Editor; from the menubar, select Cursor->Add to Online Library. Or press CTRL+W.

on November 26th 2019

Instructions to Upload a Cursor

Just go to Gallery, click Cursors, then click Upload, select the file you want to upload, the file must be .cur or .ani ( .cur is a Static Cursor File/ .ani is a Animated Cursor file ), put the name you want ( leave on blank if you want the cursor name, same as the name of the file, (Optional) write the description of the cursor, choose the cursor role (The cursor role is what should the cursor be used for), choose the handeness (the handeness is a option that makes u choose if you want the cursor for right-handed, left-handed or both), choose the license (the license is what should the people do with the cursor). A extra option is "built-in shadow''', you can check the box if you want the cursor to have a shadow. Click add cursor and, TADA! your cursor is published, it will be in the junkyard, go to the latest page if you want to view it. You can also join various cursors and convert them into a cursor set.

I hope this helped! :-)

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