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Name:Adrian García Garcia

Hi I'm Adri34y5 and I will create cursors free of virus, to customize your laptop, or other types of computers, leave a review in my cursors to do more types of it.
Thanks for all people that dowload my cursors and Riddler for leave a valoration and a comment in some of them, I will do a cursor for my anniversary in this page, or a lot of cursors of my annyversary, I will think so...
I joined to this page in 2023-02-22 19:19:51.
Special thanks to my accademy teacher called Damián, he created the Damián cursors and I make it possible.
Write to me if you want a dedicated cursor set with your ideas!!
I'm spanish from Spain if you are spanish I acept spanish commentaries in my cursors sets, if you know english I acept to, but if you don't know this two languages don't leave a review.
Stupid comments not acepted, think what you write, thanks.
If you use one of my cursor pack to make a fusion with other I tell you to nombrate my cursor pack or my name to do that colaboration, thanks.
I will do that cursors in my free time and I am triying to do all your ideas so let me time to do it, don't saturate me with a lot of messages or reviews of: canyou do a cursor... and thigs like that.
I read all your petitons but let me do it, I will publicate it when I finish that petition as soon as possible, so be patient, thanks for reading.
Also visit my deviant art user:
Breeze haked collection:
rsrc/885.png imagersrc/195325.png imagersrc/195352.png imagersrc/195401.png imagersrc/204693.png imagersrc/204714.png imagersrc/204735.png imagersrc/204757.png imagersrc/204778.png imagersrc/204799.png imagersrc/204820.png image
More breeze hacked soon.
Windows 7 normal colors collection:
rsrc/200335.png imagersrc/200337.png imagersrc/200339.png imagersrc/200341.png imagersrc/200343.png imagersrc/200345.png imagersrc/200333.png imagersrc/200331.png imagersrc/200329.png imagersrc/200671.png image
Windows 7 modded special colors collection:
rsrc/200361.png imagersrc/200481.png imagersrc/200497.png imagersrc/200564.png imagersrc/200584.png imagersrc/200600.png imagersrc/200617.png imagersrc/200637.png imagersrc/200654.png imagersrc/200688.png imagersrc/200705.png imagersrc/200726.png imagersrc/200985.png image
Windows 7 ultra colors collection:
rsrc/201002.png imagersrc/201019.png imagersrc/201036.png imagersrc/201053.png imagersrc/201070.png imagersrc/201087.png imagersrc/201104.png imagersrc/201121.png imagersrc/201152.png imagersrc/201170.png imagersrc/201188.png imagersrc/201205.png imagersrc/201237.png image
Windows 7 deep special colors collection:
rsrc/201261.png imagersrc/201280.png imagersrc/201297.png imagersrc/201314.png imagersrc/201331.png imagersrc/201349.png imagersrc/201366.png imagersrc/201383.png imagersrc/201401.png imagersrc/201418.png imagersrc/201436.png imagersrc/201453.png image
Windows 11 colors collection:
rsrc/186738.png imagersrc/204869.png imagersrc/204908.png imagersrc/187060.png imagersrc/197228.png imagersrc/197250.png imagersrc/197268.png imagersrc/200207.png imagersrc/200225.png imagersrc/204887.png image
Anathema colors collection:
rsrc/186745.png imagersrc/194537.png imagersrc/194552.png imagersrc/194568.png imagersrc/194583.png imagersrc/200114.png imagersrc/200129.png imagersrc/200144.png imagersrc/200159.png imagersrc/200174.png imagersrc/200189.png imagersrc/200240.png imagersrc/200277.png imagersrc/200293.png imagersrc/200308.png image
Aero gold shadow small sized variants collection:
rsrc/194508.png imagersrc/200756.png imagersrc/200771.png imagersrc/200786.png imagersrc/200801.png imagersrc/200816.png imagersrc/200849.png imagersrc/200864.png imagersrc/200880.png imagersrc/200895.png image
Night diamond colors collection:
rsrc/195477.png imagersrc/195568.png imagersrc/195615.png imagersrc/195661.png imagersrc/195706.png imagersrc/195795.png imagersrc/195875.png imagersrc/196197.png image
Oxygen colors collection:
rsrc/196247.png imagersrc/196262.png imagersrc/196277.png imagersrc/196292.png imagersrc/196308.png imagersrc/196323.png imagersrc/196338.png imagersrc/196353.png imagersrc/196368.png imagersrc/196385.png imagersrc/196400.png imagersrc/196415.png imagersrc/196430.png imagersrc/196445.png imagersrc/196460.png imagersrc/196475.png imagersrc/196490.png imagersrc/196507.png imagersrc/196523.png imagersrc/196538.png imagersrc/196553.png imagersrc/196568.png imagersrc/196583.png imagersrc/196598.png imagersrc/196613.png imagersrc/196628.png imagersrc/196643.png imagersrc/196658.png imagersrc/196674.png imagersrc/196689.png imagersrc/196704.png imagersrc/196719.png imagersrc/196734.png imagersrc/196749.png imagersrc/196764.png imagersrc/196779.png imagersrc/196794.png image
Transparency colors collection:
rsrc/202816.png imagersrc/203382.png imagersrc/203397.png imagersrc/203412.png imagersrc/203427.png imagersrc/203442.png imagersrc/203457.png imagersrc/203472.png imagersrc/203487.png imagersrc/203502.png imagersrc/203518.png imagersrc/203557.png imagersrc/203572.png imagersrc/203587.png imagersrc/203602.png imagersrc/203662.png imagersrc/203677.png image
Black Royale colors collection:
rsrc/194981.png imagersrc/203365.png imagersrc/205912.png imagersrc/205928.png imagersrc/205945.png imagersrc/205961.png imagersrc/205977.png imagersrc/205993.png imagersrc/206009.png image

Featured art


Windows 7 Red Glowing Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on October 31st 2023 by ADRI_34_YY

This cursor set is made by a windows 7 glowing cursor in dark blood red combined with a black cursor.
Is a windows 7 cursor type, it's compatible with al opperative sistems.
Oh yes the most important thing: IS COMPLETELY FREE OF VIRUS!!
Leave a review or / and a comment to know that you like it, I'm in progress to do more cursors, custom cursors and more!!
Tell me your ideas and I will do a dedicated cursor with your names!!
Special thanks to my cousin to make this cursors real with his idea (also the links).
Thanks to download it 2000+ times!!
New color in the 5000 downloads, make it posible telling me what color should I do when the donloads be 2000.
I have other colors:
In white cursor:
In black cursor:

Latest art

VS 1.0 Normal Red TeaserVS 1.0 Normal Red Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY22A new fresh and cool color for the VS 1.0 original one available thro...
VS 1.0 Dark Blue TeaserVS 1.0 Dark Blue Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY26A new fresh and cool color for the VS 1.0 original one available thro...
Kami V2 - Ruby Red TeaserKami V2 - Ruby Red Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY41The inesperated new color of the kami cursors is now here enjoy!!
Kami V2 - Amethyst Purple TeaserKami V2 - Amethyst Purple Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY67The inesperated new color of the kami cursors is now here enjoy!!
GANT Yellow Normal Special Anniversary Edition TeaserGANT Yellow Normal Special Anniversary Edition Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY76The normal version of the colorful yellow cursors special for being 1...
GANT Yellow Colorful Special Anniversary Edition TeaserGANT Yellow Colorful Special Anniversary Edition Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY51The yellow version of the colorful blue cursors special for being 1 y...
GANT Blue Normal Special Anniversary Edition TeaserGANT Blue Normal Special Anniversary Edition Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY313The normal version of the gant colorful cursors of being 1 year in th...
GANT Blue Colorful Special Anniversary Edition TeaserGANT Blue Colorful Special Anniversary Edition Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY223A caracteristic cursor set for being 1 year in this page, thank you a...
Damián Strawberry Pink Edition TeaserDamián Strawberry Pink Edition Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY743The strawberry pink color of this cursor collection.
Damián Lemon Yellow Edition TeaserDamián Lemon Yellow Edition Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY358The new yellow lemon color of this collection of cursors, after a lot...

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user icon Anonymous on February 15th

How can I access the other Windows 11 cursors?

user icon ADRI_34_YY registered user on February 16th

you only need to touch show all icon and cursor sets

user icon Anonymous on February 16th

:-D how are you guy

user icon ADRI_34_YY registered user on February 20th

so fine thank you!! 8-)

user icon Anonymous on February 24th

hi guys im late i sorry i look like


:-(  :-(


user icon Anonymous on February 24th

uh... no next Cur 8-)

user icon Anonymous on February 26th

can you maybe do a black cursor with white glow? would be nice!

user icon ADRI_34_YY registered user on February 29th

Ok bro!! 8-)

user icon Anonymous on March 24th

Can you add links to the cursor sets? :-(

user icon indapni registered user on March 25th


user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?