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How to make RWCommand files?

and how do I edit the toolbars BTW?
Mikey Z
on December 14th 2013

Vlasta has made a handful of files called RWCommands that are essentially scripts that you drag and drop on the toolbars and you just added a new button to the system. This is a pretty neat trick and I'd love to see how it is done. Any advice? And one can be found here, makes a Replace Color button. (the line when he says download this.)

And while we're on the issue how do I delete a button I added this way?

on December 14th 2013

There is a video tutorial and while it is not exactly about .rwcommands files, it comes pretty close. The interesting moments are around 2:40 and 3:50. Around 2:40, there is a window with list of toolbar commands and above the list is a toolbar that allows (among other things) importing and exporting of selected item. You can also delete the selected item. At 3:50, I am using the "Duplicate" command to duplicate (and then change) one of the buttons.

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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