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Can't get the Picture Resizer to work?!

on September 30th 2014

First off, thank you so much for this great idea, and the tool which I'm sure will save me a lot of time...

Right now unfortunately I have very big problems making it work at all!

I just installed the "Picture Resizer 6.0", meaning I have placed the "PhotoResize400.exe" on my desktop.
I have used the Renaming Wizard (what a great tool), and have got the new name "PhotoResize1200x1200MCSOH.exe" which has been added instead of the normal name.
I have run the program and "add to context menu".
When right-clicking on a jpg, I can chose the new command, but no matter what I do, the picture just stays intouched! Nothing happens at all.
I have tried many differerent optoins for the command-name, but still no luck.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit, if it has anything to say?!

Thanks in advance...

Regards from Denmark

on September 30th 2014

Well, you have used some unusual options, which may make it appear as not working. For example C (put to current folder), which may be unpredictable, because it puts the file in the current folder of the current process, which may be any folder. So, I would recommend to not use it unless you know, what "current folder" is in Windows. If your goal is to overwrite the file, use I (i). Also S may cause problems as it skips the resizing if the source file is smaller.

As a side note, you are using 1200x1200, which always resizes to 1200x1200 pixels, changing aspect ratio of non-square images. There are other modes, which you may find more useful.

on September 30th 2014

Wow...What a fast reply. Really impressive support.

Just to go back to basic, I just did only one check, which is overwrite the original file (which I always wants to).
So the name is "PhotoResize400I.exe".
This is added to the program name, a context text is added to the menu, but still NOTHING happens when choosing a picture, and run the command from the menu?!

Shouldn't the "PhotoResize400I.exe" be really basic line?

on September 30th 2014

OK. I found an error...At least a "sign".

In the command-line of the program I removed the "-o" so the prompt is not shut down before having a chance to read it.

In the promt it says:
Error occured while processing: C:\Users\etc....

Is there any limitations in file-paths, names, etc?

on September 30th 2014

There should be no problem with paths. There may be a problem with the JPG file. Files with CMYK color space are not supported. They are occasionally produced by Photoshop.

on September 30th 2014

OK. Now I got a little wiser....

The picture can not be resized even when dropping it directly to the icon. I still get's an error.
When using the Windows "Powertoys Resize tool" I can resize the picture to a specific dimension, and THEN it has no problem resizing it through the program.

This is a little weird.
I have been using the reziser from "Windows Powertoys" for many years, but this can only do file-resizing and not direct on folders and subfolders, which is why I need a program like yours!

How do I find out if the file has "CMYK color space"?

on September 30th 2014

OK. I found the problem..The picture IS a jpg/CMYK, I can tell when open in Irfanview.

So that means that there's no way processing it?

on September 30th 2014

Well, the tool was intended to be used by photographers, who took a lot of pictures in high resolution and wanted them quickly resized. So, since no camera produces CMYK pictures it was not supported.

Now, it seems, the tool has outgrown the original purpose and there seems to be a few jpgs made in Photoshop that use the CMYK color space and people want to resize them too, so I may add CMYK support into the next version. It is not technically too difficult, but I would have deal with color profiles and the size of the tool will grow.

(BTW it is a bad idea to use a CMYK jpg for anything else than printing. Assuming the printing software is able send the file to the printer without converting it first to RGB.)

on September 30th 2014

Ok, I see.

Actually it IS a photographer that has taken the pictures, with a professional camera, and they are for printing as well, so I don't know if the has been some RGB-CMYK conversion enabled?!

Anyway I see why I couldn't get the program to work.

I really hope that you can somehow add the CMYK-support in the future, as I really like to way you have made the program and the "Wizard".

I have found other small tools for the batch-conversion, but they have no wizard for it, so i bit more geeky!

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