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its been a while

on October 17th 2014

so yeah when i joined RW-Designer i was pretty stupid... ya its like dat. i have been here for not too long a couple years but since then i went from cursor artist to anime/manga/cartoon artist on tradition paper and digital art programs mainly sai and sometimes artrage but mostly sai but the main point in this post is that when i joined rw-designer i was merely an artist but i had a passion for drawing and i loved coming here to make cursors with the friendly community of artist and i enjoyed it like i enjoyed making cursors that people want to download it made me happy knowing people like this "creation" it really did make me happy but shortly after that i started drawing and kids in school liked it and my teachers including art teachers thought it was amazing how well i drew at my age and that made me happy knowing people like my traditional art and then like a year ago i started doing digital art with my wacom intuos and i loved it know i do all sorts of art like digital and traditional and on my psvita im really into drawing and it all started here so in the short amount of time i spent here made me into the artist i am today and i probally wouldnt be drawing if it wasnt for rw-designer a cursor making website and to think i started because i enjoyed making cursors for my pc. so thank you all for being supportive back then you guys helped me relise that this is what i love to do.

on October 17th 2014

u like anime and manga

on October 18th 2014

Hi Nintendo, if your profile picture is your creation, you have made an amazing progress in 3 years! I am happy that the cursor editor was there to provide a bit of fun that is always needed when exploring the unknown.

I really appreciate your post, because it is nice to know that the time I spent creating the software was not wasted and it has a positive impact on people. Also, there are other people, who are in the same situation now as you were 3 years ago, so this is an inspiration for them too.

Too bad, I have no software focused on drawing with tablet. Maybe in a couple of years ;-). So, great!

on October 21st 2014

Anime is cool

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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