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Deleting accounts

Is there a way to disable, block, or remove a RW account?
on June 23rd 2015

Woah... Hey, RealWorld. It's me, that guy who used to be SoaringEagle. Man, I haven't been here in, like, YEARS. I've been doing other stuff. Now I have realized that maybe RealWorld is just not my thing. I don't really make cursors or icons anymore, and if I do, they're just copied from pictures I found on Google. I don't find it that interesting nowadays. Is there a way I could, maybe, disable, remove, or block my account? Can we do that?

Sorry, this may not be the proper place to put this. But I don't really know where else to put it.

on June 23rd 2015

You cannot delete an account, but you can change the nickname and make it private. Then there will be no way to link it to you personally. You can change it back if you decide to do that later and this way, if an account gets hacked, it won't be lost.

on April 4th 2016

Here is a link from cdl's blog on how to delete your account.
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I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?