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Thinking about building a computer...

For Recording/Editing Gameplay
on August 17th 2015

'Sup Guys
I have been thinking for a while about building a computer... an upgrade from my current laptop. I found the website PC PartPicker (AU) and thought it was great and had a go at putting something together. I was just wondering maybe someone has done this here or has a lot of experience in the area could give me a bit of feedback/advice. I would use the computer mainly just for gaming and recording it and maybe some advanced editing down the track.
Here is a link:
It's nothing urgent and it may never happen, but I just thought to get some feedback on my ideas.

on August 17th 2015

I think it is a great idea! You should definitely give building a pc a try! As for advice I really have none except to follow directions for installing components and use forum knowledge bases.

on August 17th 2015

The parts look fine. Personally, I would pick a bit cheaper CPU, maybe i5-4460 and you won't need a custom cooler for that, the difference is speed is negligible.

It is not hard to put the parts together, but if it is your first time, try asking someone with experience for help. Occasionally a bit of force is needed and it is better to know when.

on August 17th 2015

thx guys! :-)

on September 6th 2015

I have a Windows XP Laptop. Not that great, so build me one too!

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