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online chatting page

on November 27th 2015

hey owner why you don't make a chatting page, cause i'm so boring.

on January 13th 2016

:O Oh just so you are aware, i am not the owner,i say this cause you directed the question at the "owner".all this is, my 2 cents worth, somehow i dont think this should be an option ,,or even considered at most,i come here to enjoy (what i call my hobby )making cursors ,,chat room leads to many other things that are all over the net these days ,,they go in the form of dating online if im not mistaken ,now all the chat rooms i have ever come across or been in ,,always have that certain vibe about it ,so if it came down to a vote ,,id find a way to be able to vote over and over again against that idea .
but hey thats my opinion
there is this really cool and totally working method of communicating on the site ,,i find the link by certain peoples names that says contact :P
Keep it real

on January 28th 2016

@Acrux: WORD. icon-11538

on January 30th 2016


on January 30th 2016

Tutorial: How to change your cursor.

Cursor changer tool:

cursor-view/15023-48.png image

Take a look at this page for more info linkage in RW!

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