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Translating RealWorld Paint

on January 27th 2016


After being a RealWorld paint user for years, I thought I'd make a British-English translation for the program. However, when visiting the translation page; it was clear that whoever has been translating the program, isn't British as many Americanisms remain. I cannot fix the mistakes as they are locked for editing. Any way to let me correct these?:)

on January 28th 2016

you should be able to change the phrases now if you are logged-in in the app or from here

on January 28th 2016

Thank you very much.

So far I have heavily corrected the first 50 pages; also, I have corrected things that were wrong in the first place regardless of the type of English.

e.g I corrected:

Controls how are images in standard formats like .jpg or .png opened. - which doesn't make sense


Controls how images in standard formats such as .jpg or .png are opened.

on January 29th 2016

I am afraid there can be some incorrect phrases as English is not my native language.

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