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How to use another cursor to be part of editing cursor?

I mean crop a part of existing animated cursor and paste it into a cursor that I'm editing with this software? How...
on May 24th 2016

For instance, I've got 2 pack of cursors. They're A and B.

Now I want take a animated cursor from A and resize/copy+paste it into a corner of every frames of a cursor in B. How am I supposed to do that?

I don't see the tutorial mention this task. So if there's that tutorial, then please show me. I don't see insert or similar function.

I'm fairly familiar with static graphic image editing in application such as Photoshop, etc... but this tool wasn't clear for me. Please help step by step thanks.

on May 24th 2016

I am afraid, you would have to copy-paste each frame separately, there is no command that would do what you need in one step. Just resize one of the cursors, then copy first frame, select that frame in the other cursor, click on the canvas or the layer list and paste the image. Repeat for each frame.

on May 24th 2016

Thanks. Based on your answer, I manage to finish this task, but it takes time indeed... without automatic or procedural process, task like this is quite time consuming.

I notice every action need to be done with each frame separately (except set time range). Create a selection region and select all frame, hit Del, only delete one single frame. And to delete the same part on other frames, user has to make the selection region over again, OR, remove all frames and start with duplicated one by one...

But at the end, it works if user spend their time. Thanks for this free application.

P/S: One question, I used portable version downloaded from homepage. But when I try save a ani cursor as animation (gif?) it didn't work and return message:

Error in loading DLL

Usually what trick to fix this? Have to manually register some dlls in portable folder or something?

on May 25th 2016

It is interesting how this problem keeps popping up in unexpected situations. There is something weird with the JavaScript engine in Windows and it is causing these problems. The problem can be fixed by reconfiguring the application, but it can be hard to navigate to the right place. If you want to try it, follow these steps:

  1. go to Tools->Application options, on the Main window tab, check the last option (Show menu commands for layout control ...)
  2. with a cursor open, go to Tools->Configure layout
  3. switch to Menu commands tab
  4. click the area on the right side of the window with a blue text
  5. select the item "#3 - Document Operation" in the box in the middle of the window
  6. click the area with the blue text on the right again
  7. click the area with the blue text on the right again (really)
  8. you will see a box with some JavaScript starting with this line:
var ani = Document.Animation;

Add a new line at the beginning:


And click OK.

on May 25th 2016

Thanks again. Problem got solved with your guide.
The application UI configuration appears so advanced. I doubt anyone other than the developer can figure this out alone? :-D

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