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Can'r Save cursor!

on June 22nd 2016

Hello! I have windows 10. I tried to save a yellow cursor as yellow.rcu. for some reason when I go to right click go to the bottom and click personalise. I go to window pointer setting. I click that.Click browse. I then library, docs and can't find yellow.rcu. I then click all files and find yellow.rcu. I click that but then can not apply! Can anyone help me? Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

on June 22nd 2016

.rcu is the internal format suitable for further editing; to use your cursor, save it as .ani or .cur

on December 28th 2016

Save it as a .ani or .cur and make sure it is moved to the computer's ACTUAL library of cursors. The way to do this is to browse through the cursors in the window of default windows cursors. Then just drag your cursor to that window and let it load. Then you won't have to apply your cursor whenever your PC restarts.

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