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How to invert colour?

How do I invert the colour of my mouse cursor in the R.W. Cursor editor?
on October 24th 2016

I want to invert the colours of a cursor that I already have, but I cannot find any filters or anything in the cursor editor that will let me do this...

on February 28th 2017

my prob too

on February 28th 2017

I've never found a way to do that with RWCE. I don't think it's in there.

on February 28th 2017

Invert Colors:
On RWCE Create tab: Select Image from clipboard.
Click Create button at lower right.
Go to Effects Menu, More Effects. "Invert Colors" is last on the list.
This option disappears after selecting "Create mouse cursor".

on August 2nd 2019

Thanks anon, this really helped me!

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