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MEGA lightning strike

The Male Boss
on November 1st 2016

starting today

The Male Boss
on November 1st 2016
The Male Boss
on November 1st 2016

series 1
day 1 launch night

we have five MEGA cursor sets
but one normal here it is

here is the key to stay if it manages to get 25 downloads before the first strike of the series it won't be striked first. failure to do this will mean it will be striked and out.

also this set does not get paid for it entry as it is not a MEGA cursor set.

on November 2nd 2016

I think the word you were trying for was “manages“.
You missed an “a“.

on November 3rd 2016

How do I enter my set?

The Male Boss
on November 4th 2016

day 4
the non MEGA cursor set reached 25 downloads so it won't be striked

1st to be striked is

late entering from lightning strike series 1 but it is now a MEGA cursor set so it will get payed

The Male Boss
on November 6th 2016

day 6
if the non mega cursor set reaches 60 downloads it won't be striked today.
it reached it target so it is safe

2nd to be striked is

3rd to be striked is

4th to be striked is

The Male Boss
on October 6th 2017

contest axed
as of 06/10/2017

on March 15th 2019

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on February 5th 2021

I love how the last post is completely unrelated to the contest, just pure plugging and advertising.

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