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The Male Boss

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Cursor and Icon sets created: 155
Trophies: 3
Net worth: 4,127 Buttons.
Joined on: 2013-01-28 09:32:31
Forum topics started: 16
Total forum posts: 217

Spray Paint Dispensers

The Male Boss is known to have the item/spray-dispenser/green.png image green, item/spray-dispenser/black.png image black, item/spray-dispenser/purple.png image purple,
item/spray-dispenser/darkgoldenrod.png image dark goldenrod, item/spray-dispenser/red.png image red, item/spray-dispenser/orange.png image orange, item/spray-dispenser/coral.png image coral anditem/spray-dispenser/gray.png image gray dispensers.

15 Puzzle

The Male Boss is known to have a 15 Puzzle. item/loyds15.png image
The Male Boss has created a range of 15 Puzzle icons which can be used on this website.
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Featured art


15 Puzzle Series 6 Icons (9 icons)

Released on September 24th 2023 by The Male Boss

15 Puzzle Series 6 Icons 
(15 Numbers)
New Look. New Colours. Newphoria.

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black

15 Puzzle Series 6 Plus Icons 
(16 Numbers)
Now in a Woven Metal Design. So Premium.

  • Natural Metal
  • Blue Metal
  • White Metal
  • Black Metal

If you want to use these when you play 15 puzzle game on the site you need to add them to your quick-code bar

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