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Icon / Cursor Image Processing

IC Warlock
on April 5th 2017

In my working with cursors and icons recently, I've had the need to be able to process images created outside of RealWorld editors so they can be imported. I wrote IC Warlock in C# (source code and project files included) to help with cropping, resizing, and aligning images to common icon and cursor dimensions. It includes the ability to automatically outline shapes, and convert background color of an image to transparent (denoted by pixel color at 0,0).

You are welcome to try it out free, recompile the source, alter the code, do what ever. Just give due credit if you redistribute please.

Screenshot: http://www.vtxemu.com/misc/icwarlock_1.png

IC Warlock program and source: ICWarlock.zip

on April 8th 2017

I have updated my website and now have a small write up of now to use IC Warlock.


on November 26th 2020


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