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Do we actually need special left handed cursors?
on April 19th 2017

I have the exact same opinion of left handed cursors as I did when I was little about the green left handed scissors (I did like the were green) but all and all a massive waste. No need to put the pen down if you hold it in your left hand and grab the scissors with your right. I do the same on a computer. Most keyboard commands are easier left handed and I can effectively type well just left handed. Meanwhile, I learned to draw right handed using a mouse. It's far easier than using a pen in my right hand, because my wrist lays on the desktop.

I haven't thought about left handed cursors for awhile, then noticed how many sets of lefty cursors are floating around here. I know a ton of lefties not one uses the mouse left handed. If a stylus needed a cursor I would get it but they don't.

I guess what I'm getting at is I'm basically wondering how many people actually use left handed cursors.

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