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Prepare images for web: png on RWPaint

on July 31st 2017

Hi :-)

When I use the "Save for web" option, it always auto-select JPEG, and so, each time I have to select PNG.
How can I change the default option to be PNG? :-)

(Seems choosing some prefered images formats in options doesn't do anything for this case...)

Thank you. :-)

on September 8th 2017

That would be an awesome saving-time feature. I hope someone can tell how to pick the default web formant we want, or a way to make the program remember which one was selected previously. :-)

on January 19th 2018

By the way I don't know why my first account has been deleted... To hope I don't talk about it anymore? xD
Mahhh i am still hoping someday there is a new version with this fix. :-)
Or is it possible to customers to change that? That's probably just a little value to change somewhere! ;-)

on January 19th 2018

You can re-configure it, but it is not easy. You start by going to Tools->Application Options and enable the last one on the first page. Then you open an image and go to Tools->Configure Layout. Then comes the hard part, you need to locate the configuration for the menu item that corresponds to the "save for web" command. If you succeed, you'll see a 3-step process and the 2nd step controls the format. You can change it and close the window.

on April 6th 2018

Thank you very muuuuuch Vlasta :-)
With your help i am now able to save to PNG directly!!! :-D
Here is a screenshot of the path:

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