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got ANY ideas???

I'm not sure what my next cursor should be, so if anyone has ide
on April 18th 2007

Just wondering what ideas people have because I am out of ideas for static and/or animated cursors, so if anyone wants to share ideas that people want me to use, but if you think your ideas should stay yours, I respect that, too.

on April 18th 2007

It seems like most popular as cursors related to computer games, to movies, or books.

on July 26th 2008

A Cursour similar to the turquiose one but you can change the colour !

on October 3rd 2008

How about making cursors after the book series Eragon? Like, what about making the sword he uses in it. To see what it looks like, search "Zar'roc" on

Or maybe even a bow and arrows?

on January 26th 2009

That book was awesome, btw. I don't know if I'm that good at swords, I'll go and see...
@If you want to change the color, just export to .bmp, use photoshop, and colorize to whatever you want. It won't take that long

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I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?