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Online Cursor Editor - Add More Cursor Templates

Add More Cursor Templates
on January 25th 2018

The online version of "Online Cursor Editor" needs to have more cursor templates. This program is too basic. Please add more cursor templates for each cursor set. Microsoft Windows operating systems has 15 cursor types.

I need more cursor templates to create cursors, otherwise I cannot create cursors based on the "Windows 7 Classic Cursor" set.

Please add more cursor templates to the "Online Cursor Editor".

Online Cursor Editor here:

Thank you.

on June 30th 2020

You don't "create" cursors you copy them or plagiarize (steal) them.

not used anymore
on July 30th 2020

That's too lazy. Also, why would you even use the Online Cursor Editor? The RealWorld Cursor Editor has way more features and it's way more professional. Also I don't think they'll do it because of Copyright. Why don't you do it by yourself? If you put more effort, It'll look better.

on May 17th 2021

I am now an expert at making cursor set, but for some types of cursors I find it too difficult to make. I now know how to properly use layers in RealWorld Cursor Editor. I mostly share cursor sets which I do like and whom I have permission to share here.

on December 8th 2021

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...