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Any way to turn off auto hotspots?

Basically when you generate something in the cursor editor and it changes the hotspot.
on July 24th 2018

I like making cursors and, of course, I like using the built in generators (like the generators for loading indicators) to save me some time (which is kind of lazy lol).But whenever I generate a loading indicator and there's already something there, it changes the cursor hotspot! I know this is "supposed" to happen, but is there any way to turn it off or get around it?


on July 24th 2018

Only if you modify the script. Not sure if it is worth the effort. You are probably better off just adjusting the hot spot after, there are many ways to do that quickly.

on March 15th 2019

Like, going to the left panel after selecting multiple frames and change the hotspot on the top of the panel.

Simple. ;-)

on April 18th 2019

you can set its limit as .. or make it manually
it's very simple and easy. And the settings of auto hotspot is in hotspot in tenplet

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
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