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How's development going?

As in, any form of development on anything ever related to RealWorld in any form within a recent time span.
on April 22nd 2019

I'm noticing that this community is still quite active all these years later. It's quite interesting honestly, because there hasn't been a update for anything in years, and it seems like donations have come to a practical halt. What's the status of any new version of any program? Is there ever going to be one? Is this site going to slowly die out just like all my favorite obscure software brands? :-(

Also, a side question, will WebP support be updated? I think it's a format that seriously needs more attention (have you seen those file sizes?? who needs GIF or aPNG when we have this), and I'd love to have a proper updated editor for it. Surprisingly, Photoshop doesn't even support it still, yet a program last (stably) updated in 2013 does :p
However, afaik, the support is outdated. The webp-codec page states "0.3.0" is the latest, but we've come a bit far since then... cough 1.0.2 cough

on April 24th 2019

Well, I am not giving it much time right now, but I am still planning to get back to it once other projects are finished.

on March 23rd

I wouldn't exactly call that "active". :/

on June 3rd

I think you can make a healing tool and customize the "reflectance" to the bevel (like make the light more intense or a little intense)

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What about ICL files?
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I wish there were...