Convert WebP images and animations

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How to convert WebP images and animations

RealWorld Paint 2013.1 contains the latest WebP codec (0.3.0) and supports WebP images and animations with transparency. Both lossy and lossless compression can be selected while saving images. Fragmented WebP images are supported.

Importing WebP

WebP codec is installed by default. No special actions are needed to open a WebP image - simply using the Open command, dragging and dropping an image on the application window or putting the image on the command line will open and show the image.

Export images to WebP format

In the save window, select the WebP image files or Animated WebP files (if you are saving an animation) and the WebP configuration panel will appear.

rsrc/webp-codec-config.png image

The Lossless checkbox controls the compression used. If it is checked, the image is saved exactly (like PNG). If it is not checked, some details are lost in the saving process (similarly as with JPG). How much details is lost is controlled by the slider or the text box. Higher number means higher quality, but also larger file sizes. Images saved in lossy mode may be significantly smaller than images saved in lossless mode (though in some cases it may be the other way around). It is recommended to use lossless compression for artificial images containing text or geometric shapes and lossy compression for photos.

The combo box in the lower right corner controls how much time should be spent by optimizing the saved image. Choosing Maximum compression instructs the encoder to spend more time encoding the image and will likely result in smaller file. This setting does not influence the quality (in the lossy mode).

Sample images

The following images were saved in RWPaint using the 0.3.0 WebP codec. Your web browser may not be able to display them. All images have size of 100x100 pixels.

Still images

rsrc/leaf.webp image
Transparent; 9kB
rsrc/painting.webp image
Opaque; lossy compression; EXIF; 23kB


rsrc/garden-pruner-transparent.webp image
Transparent background; lossless compression; 49kB
rsrc/garden-pruner-transparent-lossy.webp image
Transparent background; lossy compression; 28kB
rsrc/garden-pruner-white.webp image
White background; lossless compression; 25kB
rsrc/garden-pruner-white-lossy.webp image
White background; lossy compression; 13kB

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