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I have been successful with making cursors before buuuuut......

why do you treat me this way?.......
Bob the builder
on June 3rd 2019

you may have seen meh around last year or 2 years ago when i was doing pretty good stuff, but my cursors never go to the gallery anymore. I made a different account called waffle alien witch was also a successful account. but that one couldn't get cursors into the gallery anymore a few months later. I quit for a year or several months. now i am back and it still does not work. Please tell me, why do you treat me this way?......

on June 5th 2019

If you want your cursors on the gallery front page, they must be exceptional. If you repeatedly upload low effort or unoriginal work, your chances to make it there get lower and lower.

Bob the builder
on July 14th 2019

oh i see... so i guess i'll have to work harder huh?

on November 26th 2019

Yeah, you might need to make quality conetent, I am meaning original content, that is one of the basics when making sets and uploading them to the public, you need to put a lot of effort, add a lot of detail in the most easy and possible way. Another thing that is requiered is to follow the Guidelines, to learn the guidelines click "Gallery" and then click "quality criteria".

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