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No Smoothing for Lines in RealWorld Cursor Editor

on November 5th 2019

Where is the option to change the Rasterization mode? The lines I draw have anti-aliasing (smoothing). However, sometimes I don't want smoothing.

The documentation mentioned:

Drawing modes
When using drawing tools, the drawn shape depends among other also on the active modes:

Rasterization mode
This mode controls how smooth geometric shapes are translated to actual pixels.

Smoothing (anti-aliasing) - pixel can be partially covered by the drawn shape and edges are smooth.

No smoothing - a pixel is either fully covered by the drawn shape or not covered at all. This results in jagged edges.

on November 7th 2019

That option was removed in latest version to make the user interface cleaner. Since cursors are small, it is feasible to just use the pencil tool to draw jagged shapes. If you feel adventurous, you can try right-clicking the toolbar above the canvas, duplicating the last item in the list in the middle and then change it to "Rasterization mode".

on September 12th 2021

The last tip of Vlasta is good.
it really brings that option to the toolbar.

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What about ICL files?
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