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The cosmic journey topic!
on November 19th 2019

What do you think about the game programmed by Honzales and the music made by sixλxis? Talk and share your opinions!

PS: Do not share and publish inappropiate content, etc.

on November 28th 2019

I think it's very hard, I keep dying when I get to the miner's base because I have to focus on the base, the miners, and the rocks all at once. Additionally I have low health and low lasers and no shield so i end up dying there. Ha i haven't even beaten the stone stage yet. But the game is very nice and a great idea to put it on here too

on November 30th 2019

Yeah, the game is a bit complicated. But, you need to find it's weak point on every enemy. I practiced a lot, and then, I finally found it's weak spot. You need to practice a lot so you can beat the first stage. I recommend you to dodge the asteroids, also I recommend you to shoot only to the enemies. Good luck on it!

on November 30th 2019

Anonymous is right, you need to do that, so you can pass the Stone Stage.

C0$M!C G0D
on December 10th 2019

It is super fun, but it is kinda cheesy
on February 9th 2020

i remember when i used to rule the scoreboard abt a year ago

on September 6th 2020

Yeah, you did. Now I rule most of the stages.

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