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A request for a cursor to be made

Sugawara Koshi cursor
on July 30th 2020

Hi! I would like to ask for a haikyuu character cursor to be made. Specifically, it will be Sugawara Koshi. I would really appreciate it if this request was fulfilled! Thank you!

on August 9th 2020

hello i made two sugawara koshi cursors, you can search "koshi" or "sugawara koshi" to find it. waiting for feedback to improve. if you want to make your own i have the background transparent template:
ibb.co/DV7nnXC , ibb.co/G0WcpfH

cursor links:
koshi cursor 1
koshi cursor 2

on August 14th 2020
updated separate set

haikyuu set

on August 17th 2020

i want the figure cursor from uno. i cant find anything like that anywhere

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...