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How to use RW cursor changer?

I cannot open it.
on January 28th 2021

When I finish setting up the software, it asks me if I want to repair or remove the software. None of the options accesses it. What can I do? How can I open the software so I can change my cursors? Please respond soon!

on February 19th 2021

disable java script

on March 18th 2021

Dont download the .msi file. It requires an installer. Go to the software tab and click download for the portable version. Open the zipped file and extract all. Then run the RW cursor application.

on April 23rd 2021

i have changed my entire cursor set including the link to a cool animated cursor which usually works but for some reason (even when i re-apply the cursors) on some apps/websites (such as the "mail" app) my link select cursor changes back to the normal one, any idea why and how to stop it?

on April 23rd 2021

(just in case it matters) the rest of the cursors that the "mail" app uses which are my normal select and my horizontal & vertical select. its only my link select that reverts back to normal for whatever reason

on May 3rd 2021
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