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Item Garage

Item Garage
on May 19th

I moved the spray garage to this since i cannot rename the original,
Items for now + their counts
Gray spray - 1
15 Puzzle - 1
Sprays: 4 buttons
15 Puzzle: 30 buttons
Write in private message if you want one of these items.
Click on the email icon on the user's username, so you will send them a private message

on May 19th

Sorry if the items are too expensive

on June 4th

For now
1 Gray spray for 4 buttons
1 dark goldenrod for 4 buttons
1 15 puzzle for 25 buttons

And yes, now they are sort of cheap

on June 8th
Esta bien caro :/
Cualquiera pensaria en comprar a Scunkie
Perdon pero esta demasiado caro hasta para Mimi Destino xd
Debes bajar el precio de 15 rompecabezas a un precio menor al que lo compraste, solo si quieres que te lo compren :)
on June 9th


For now

15 Puzzle is now cheap, is only 10 buttons

on July 2nd

Sorry guys but in this shop there is not any item anymore, sorry,i sell everything

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I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?